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The Oregon Focus on Math ©2008 series was written to address the 2006 Curriculum Focal Points (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). The 2007 Oregon Core Standards were developed from those Focal Points. Since that time most states, including Oregon, have adopted the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics (CCSSM). The Oregon Focus on Math series addresses a majority of these standards at the correct grade level, but there are additional standards that are not covered in our series at each grade level that will need to be addressed.

The OFOM author team has written supplemental lessons that will fill the gaps of the series in order for the Common Core Math Content Standards to be fully addressed. These lessons will be printed in Companion Texts, one per Stage. Each CCSSM Companion Text will also have a Resource Binder and Teacher's Edition to support the materials. These additional resources will be similar in style and substance to the OFOM resources teachers are currently using.

Using the links below, you will find the alignment of the Oregon Focus on Math ©2008 series to the Common Core State Standards as well as Table of Contents for each Stage’s Companion Text. These documents include a scope and sequence the author team recommends in order to address grade-level CCSSM content standards. Please note that Oregon students will be assessed on 2007 Oregon Standards through 2014, which may affect your transition plans to the Common Core.

Due to the way the Companion Text will be used in instruction, the OFOM author team is recommending that schools purchase classroom sets of the CCSSM Companion Texts as opposed to having texts for each student. We are offering a discount for schools pre-ordering prior to May 15, 2012. Student texts and supplemental materials will be available July 2012. Use the link below to access an order form for the materials.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email the series author, Shannon McCaw, at mccaws@smccurriculum.com or 503.550.4298.

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